Cappuccino Corner

Opening and Blessing of the Cappuccino Corner

Cappuccino Corner

After months of tearing wallpaper down, painting, putting in new lights and a new floor, the Cappuccino Corner (formerly the Tea Room) was ready for its blessing. Father Doug McKay, our chaplain, agreed amiably to preside. Everybody was eager to come in, but a yellow ribbon prevented them.

Finally, Butch Deshon, a Resident residing in our Independent Apartments, was allowed to cut the ribbon, and we all proceeded inside. 

Father offered a beautiful prayer of blessing for the room and for all those who will use it for fellowship and enjoyment. The Cappuccino Corner is one of the favorite spots in the Home where coffee and cookies are always available, and good friends are made.

After the blessing everybody enjoyed cakes, pretzels, and cookies, some made by the Home’s kitchen and some brought in by the family members of the Residents. After so many goodies, many didn’t need lunch!

The new tables and chairs had been donated just a few weeks before the finishing touches were applied to the Cappuccino Corner by a restaurant owner who had to close his restaurant. Fitting perfectly to the décor, they were much admired by everyone.Cappuccino Corner

A beautiful mural depicting a cappuccino cup adorns one wall, while the other one has a biscotti and some coffee beans. The Cappuccino Corner is a place where Residents and families love to come, share a cup of tea or coffee, and share memories. Each year, it is lovingly decorated for the Christmas Season, and all during the year, a warm, homey feeling pervades the area. With bright, large windows, it perfectly catches the morning sun for a cup of coffee in a place in the sun!
Cappuccino Corner