Admissions to Holy Family Home




The admissions process usually begins with a conversation with me or one of the Little Sisters, during which time we will discuss the following:

  1. The needs and health concerns of the prospective Resident as well as
  2. the age and financial eligibility of the prospective Resident

We welcome the elderly regardless of race, creed, sex, or nationality. If the prospective Resident seems to fit our criteria — that he or she is at least 65 years of age with limited assets — an application is sent. When it is completed, the person is placed on our waiting list.

Upon availability of a room, the prospective Resident is notified and the process continues as follows:

  • I will arrange an interview here at the home with the individual and/or responsible family member. If this is not possible, a Little Sister and/or the Director of Nursing will visit the prospective resident at his or her place of residence.
  • It is always recommended that the prospective Resident and/or family receive a tour of the home. This may also include a meal. The prospective resident is interviewed by the Mother Superior, the Director of Nursing and the Little Sister responsible for the unit where the resident will reside.
  • If in agreement of a possible admission, a medical form is given to be completed by the individual’s physician as well as other medical information that is requested from the Resident’s other health care providers.

If we feel that we are not able to meet your needs, I will be happy to suggest other facilities and resources in the community which may be helpful to you.

Click here for downloadable applicant form (PDF)

For more information about admissions please contact me at
(215) 729-5153 or