Meet Our Family

Meet a Few of Our Family

Sister BenedictSister Benedict with her brother

Irene O'ConnorIrene O’Connor, Activities Director

Patricia GibsonPatricia Gibson, Resident




Sister Benedict

I have been in Philadelphia for over twenty years and it’s been a privilege. For the last two years, my brother has been living in the independent apartments, and that, too, is a great joy for me.

What happiness for me to be a Little Sister of the Poor!








Irene O’Connor, Activities Director

I love working at the Little Sisters of the Poor for many reasons.  I wholeheartedly share the Little Sisters’ love of God and love of the elderly poor. I am at home and at peace here, grateful to God that I can use the gifts He has given me to encourage and to serve our Residents. I work with wonderful people, and I sing, “Blessed be God!” over and over again for the honor He has given me by bringing me here where I belong.







Patricia Gibson, Resident

I love everything here! But one story really tells it all: we had home-made Irish bread, which was delicious, and I said it. People don’t really listen anymore, because I like EVERYTHING. When I got back to my room, though, I found some extra slices of that Irish bread wrapped up in tin foil! I have no idea who put it there. Now isn’t that sweet?!